Fashion deeply revolves around the balance between culture and innovation. When the blend is just right, you get something that looks beautiful and feels terrific.


The Ethnic - Western Exploration

Our cultures’ roots influence our lives, and our experiences shape the way we see today’s world. My journey in fashion has been an exciting expedition. The hustle to be a creative entrepreneur and a mother has been bittersweet. Hi, I’m Sindhu Varagani; I’m an Indian origin fashion designer based out of Arkansas and here’s a bit about me and my brainchild ETHWES.

Fusion + Innovation = Versatility

People who wish to stand out from the rest and feel comfortable always gravitate towards the essence of traditional Indian and contemporary American fashion. In the family. I owe all the credit to my mother for my steadfast passion for fashion.


Indian clothing involves the hand rendering of delicate, intrinsic fabrics that require intense attention and willpower to master. I remember watching my mother sew unique designs and fix clothes, which triggered my creativity and compelled me to keep creating. The first garment I designed was for my birthday at the tender age of thirteen, and the rest is history.

Experiencing life in new ways and absorbing cultural roots open our minds and make us more willing to perceive the world. We should value the ideas of creative professionals who have a passion for innovation and developing new ways of thinking.

My move to America was an eye-opener; the speedy fashion changes from country to country and the contrast between tone of fashion makes me feel mesmerized. It made me feel like I had been transported into a parallel universe. ETHWES perfectly brings out the beauty of these two distinct worlds combined as one.


I knew I had to create something unique that would involve innovation, as my software engineer side sought to do more, much as the technology of today is obsolete tomorrow. The ETHWES philosophy towards modernism creates a sense of versatility in its fusion wear collection. The new purpose in fashion, adaptive utility, points to a whole new way to create durable, fashionable apparel that functions well in the office, for pleasure, and anywhere in between.


ETHWES utilizes various forms of fabrics and dyeing methods unique to India’s grass-roots fashion. I’ve adapted them to incorporate a twist between the Fusion of Eastern and Western worlds.

“Ikat,” for example, is a dyeing method where the yarn is first dyed and then woven on the handloom (which is a manually run wooden machine) and is characterized by its unique bleed and blurry pattern, making it hard to produce. “Kalamkari” technique, on the other hand, uses natural colors to print or paint by hand to create intricate patterns.


ETHWES is recognized for its collection of versatile and reversible clothing. My collection can be worn in numerous ways, eliminating the need to buy multiple pieces for your wardrobe. My Jackets, skirts, and dresses can be worn in different styles suited for any event and the time of the day.

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