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About Us

ETHWES offers women fashion that are timeless. Our designs that are modern and are focused on cross cultural fusions that can be worn during most occasions.

ETHWES liberates women to express themselves in multiple ways with a single versatile design that can be worn in different ways.

A custom made is our creations that are made just right for you based on your needs. You can customize the fit style, color choice , design elements like length of the dress/sleeves/buttons…

ETHWES stands against using products that are derived from animal cruelty

We oppose gender/racial/social discrimination in our business activities.

Shipping & Returns

We use USPS as our go to shipping company. We support various shipping timelines based on priority shipping status.

Free Standard Shipping on all products. If you need express shipping, please contact us, this would be an addon.

Please check our terms and conditions for refund policy. We offer cancelation up to 12 hours post ordering. 


Refunds are subjective to the condition of the product received. Please contact support for support on refunds.

Please contact us using the contact us page or book an appointment for dedicated live support.

Your Accounts & Orders

We support guest checkouts, however to experience the best support environment, we advice you to sign up with your email address.

We use industry standard data protection measures to protect your data.

Create an account at ETHWES.com and you can access your order details under the account section.

Request to cancel order, with in 12 hours of your order. We will process it in 3 business days. Custom orders can’t be cancelled.

You can retrieve your account using our password reset facility. 

Click here to reset password.


We accept PayPal and stripe payments.

There is no need to panic, just contact ETHWES using the contact us page and we will assist you with any technical difficulties.

Contact us using the contact us page, please share the transaction ID, we will manually process the payment confirmation for you. However if ETHWES hasn’t received it, please contact your bank, typically the amount should be refunded in 2-7 business days.

Book an appointment at ETHWES, we are eager to sort things out for you.

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