About Ethwes

ETHWES is my Fashion Concept of woman wear that incorporates a twist between the Fusion of Eastern and Western worlds.


The ETH in ETHWES stands for Ethnic that’s derived from my roots that hail from India. The WES stands for Western. It showcases my beautiful visual experiences of living in the United States of America by embracing its culture and mighty fashion world.


The unique twist happens to be a kind innovation that utilizes my traditional Indian fabric techniques while creating western appeal.

I use various types of fabrics and dyeing methods unique to the local grass-root culture in India. I have adapted them to make beautiful clothing suitable for work, pleasure, and everything in between.

“Ikat,” for example, is a dyeing method where the yarn is first dyed and then woven on the handloom (which is a manually run wooden machine) and is characterized by its unique bleed and blurry pattern, making it hard to produce. “Kalamkari” technique, on the other hand, uses natural colors to print or paint by hand to create intricate patterns.

ETHWES is recognized for its collection of versatile and reversible clothing. My designs can worn in numerous ways, eliminating the need to buy multiple pieces for your wardrobe. Our Jackets, skirts, and dresses can be worn in different styles that would turn heads where ever you go.

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Hey, I'm Sindhu Varagani

I am a Fashion Designer. My professional career started off as an assistant production manager for a designer boutique/studio in New York City. Then I worked in the retail space in the state of Chicago.


I was eager to start something of my own and while standing out from the rest. The mixed bag of work and cultural experience induced me to create ETHWES, a fashion clothing company, in 2018.

I was the first Indian designer to participate in the North West Arkansas fashion show and be on the board of directors for a nonprofit Arkansas Arts and Fashion Forum. I’m also the recipient of the Arkansas favorite designer award for 2019 by The Idle Class magazine.


My goal is to grow ETHWES into a premium, versatile line of clothing and participate in New York and London fashion weeks.

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